Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pop Goes the Weasel!


I've heard several times from other pregnant women that one morning they wake up and they have "popped" and finally look pregnant. I don't know if I didn't believe that or if I just didn't understand how that worked. But when I was getting dressed last Friday (7/25/2013) I looked down and thought "humm I don't think there is any point trying to hid this nonsense any more." So i put on a more form fitting shirt and proudly debuted my little baby bump.

My pregnancy update for 15 weeks is as follows.

How far along: 15 weeks and 3 days
Total weight gain: 5 lbs.
Maternity clothes: only two dresses from a co-worker. I could wear other dresses but these are cute and new so I'd rather wear them to church. 
Stretch marks: Not yet
Sleep: Pretty normal. Still able to sleep on my back and tummy. Not looking forward to side sleeping.
Best moment of this week: When I finally felt like I was "showing."

Miss anything: Not feeling winded after only walking up the stairs to my room.
Movement: Nothing for sure. I may be feeling it here and there but nothing strong enough that it is undeniably the baby.
Food cravings: Nothing outside of my regular cravings. I like and dislike the same foods. Sometimes I want pickles but I think that's just cause I have always liked them. I do really enjoy anything with lemon (lemonade, lemon icee ect.) that is something I haven't been big into before but now really enjoy. I have never had a moment where all I could think about is one food and I couldn't stop thinking about it till I ate it. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Strong fragrances 
Have you started to show yet: Yes!! On Friday at exactly 15 weeks.
Gender: Not yet
Labor signs: Nope
Belly button in or out: in
Wedding rings on or off: on 

Looking forward to: Showing off my bump in Ohio this coming week!

From Pea to Pumpkin:

Week 15: July 26th to Aug 2nd
Baby is the size or an apple, orange or plum (2.5 ounces.)

- I'm worried about being a good enough mother and the whole labor and delivery thing.
- Physically, what's a bit weird right now is that I have the urge to waddle when I walk. I know I'm not very big and this is very unnecessary but all the same I have to fight the urge all the time.
-For exercise I am going to the gym and doing interval training on the elliptical for 35 min a day.
-For stress relief, I'm doing NOTHING!! Because it's the summer and I have nothing to stress about!
- The friend who understand me most right now is my mom since she knows me so well and had very similar pregnancies.  Also, my friend Amanda is due a week after me so it is fun to be experiencing the journey with her.
-Baby, this week, your impending arrival inspired me to try to stay fit and active so you will be a healthy baby and I will be a healthy momma.

From Pea to Pumkin

I bought a pregnancy journal called "From Pea to Pumpkin." It has a few questions about your pregnancy for each week. I wanted a way to record a little about my pregnancy in a quick and easy way and this is it. I want to retype my remarks onto my blog so I can easily transfer them to my baby book.

Week 6: May 24th-May 30th.
Baby is the size of a pea (.25 inches.)

-Right now, Being pregnant seems totally like winning the lottery.
-The thought of eating a salad makes me a little sick.
-My partner (Mike) couldn't be more sweet. He has been so good to help with tings at home and make me comfortable when I'm feeling sick.
-I want carbs/comfort foods more than I ever have.
-Baby, as we begin this thing, I need you to know that we are so in love with you already. You are in my constant thoughts. All I can think about each day is how fast you are growing and what a miracle you are. I can't wait to have you as a member of our Eternal Family.

Week 7: May 3rd- June 6th
Baby is the size of a blueberry (.51 inches.)

- At this point, sleep is constantly beckoning.
- I wish I had more energy right now. Oh, and I wish school and my class were finished as well.
- The one thing that keeps running through my head is... "Is it time for bed yet?"
- I cannot wait to tell Cynda Johnson about this baby.
- Baby, this week I want you to know how much I believe in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The principal of eternal families is on of great truth and significance. You will be a part of our lives for all eternity. I am so excited to share the rest of my earthy journey and beyond with you!

Week 8: June 7th-June 13th
Baby is the size of a Kidney Bean (.63 inches)

- My boobs are slowly getting slightly larger.
- What I can't wait for is my next ultrasound. And to find out the gender.
- There is a person growing inside of me. This is a miracle when you look at the whole process.
- The thing I already miss most about my pre-pregnancy body is being able to suck in my gut and my near flawless skin.
- Baby, one day, when you're old enough to read this, even though is might seem silly, I want you to know I was scared of not being as good of a mother as I want to be. I know this will be the hardest job I ever have and it doesn't come with training. I just hope you know I'll always do my very best. Forgive me for my mistakes and know how much you are loved (even from the moment I knew you were coming.)

Week 9: June 14th-June 20th
Baby is the size of a grape (.9 inches)

- My moods of late resemble... truthfully, I'm kind of a peach.
- Nausea is so a thing of last week. The one thing I'm really fortunate for with that whole thing is that it was very mild and only lasted 2.5 weeks.
- When I'm away from home, I want to be home. And, when I get home, the first thing I do is change into PJ's and of course my fuzzy socks. Then I watch TV.
- My belly right now looks like I just ate a large meal.
- Baby, this week, one thing that's happening in the world right now that I think you should know about is people are rioting in Brazil, fighting in Afghanistan and protesting in Africa. The world is and always will be full of sad things (until the millennium.)
- And this is how I feel about it: Know that we live in the last days and things may not get better. We need to be strong so we can endure righteously to the end.

Week 10: June 21st- June 27th
Baby is the size of a cherry (1.2 inches)

- Maternity clothes remind me that elastic waistbands are a pretty great idea
- I feel pretty good aside from the lingering jet lag.
- The thing that helps most is being on vacation
- And maybe not having time to think about being to tired or sick.
- I never thought being pregnant would be this easy.
- I'm becoming a mother in 30 weeks. This brings to mind visions of cuddling a tiny baby and kissing all your little fingers, toes and chubby cheeks.
-Baby, we plan on being the kind of parents who you know love you unconditionally. We want to be fun parents while maintaining routine and respect. You may not always like us and think we are unfair, but we hope you always know we are doing our best and that we love you.

Week 11: June 28th- July 4th
Baby is the size of a Brussels sprout (1.6 inches.)

- Lately, what's making me uncomfortable is the heat and humidity in Italy.
- I cry very little still. And I get emotional about nothing, its vacation!
- Weight gain seems inevitable with all the pasta and gelato I'm eating.
- The sweetest compliments I've gotten lately was the guy who sat next to me on the airplane told me I looked like Marsha Brady.
- One way I've probably already messed this baby up is by over dosing on sugar and by taking my prenatal vitamins on and off during vacation.
Baby, if you are a boy, I hope you will always treat women with respect and be a strong leader and example to your friends and family.

Week 12: July 5th- July 11th
Baby is the size of a strawberry (.49 ounces.)

-My attempt to eat well is going not so good I have eaten very few veggies since coming on vacation. At the same time, it's vacation, so who cares?
- My tiredness on a scale of 1-10 is a 5. But at night, it's more like a 10 around 8pm.
- I keep dreaming the baby is a boy.
- So far, my favorite thing about this pregnancy is that it has been so easy.
- Baby, if you are a girl, I hope you always see yourself the way your H.F. sees you and not the way the world will try to make you see yourself.

*A Pumpkin in Progress*
A few stories about pregnancy

-When I was in my few weeks of nausea I didn't really want any veggies. When I finally had a craving for a salad it was more the salad dressing that I wanted and the veggies were a bonus. I really wanted the homemade raspberry vinaigrette from Heights Pizza in Dairen. Since I couldn't buy it at the store I went in and bought a salad and a whole pint of their dressing. When I got home I scarfed it down and put the rest in the fridge. Later when I got in the fridge to get a drink I knocked the dressing over and it split all over the floor. I was so sad that # 1 my dressing was all gone and I would have to wait till Monday to have more (since it was Saturday night.) AND, that is was a beast to clean up since it was all oil and vinegar. It took about 20 min to get it completely cleaned up. Lame.

- This week we had our 3rd and 4th ultrasound. The first one was on Wed. July 10th at 2:30pm because it was in the afternoon the baby was moving around a ton. When we went to the hospital for that one it was at 9am so the baby was still sleepy and I had to move and squirm all around to wake you up. I think dad was a little sad you weren't as active today.

- Mike has been so good to me. One weekend when I wasn't feeling well I asked if he could make us lunch on Sunday. He went to the store and got all the things he needed for his meal. On Sunday he came right home and starting making lunch. When I came in the kitchen to help he sent me back to the couch and told me just to relax and that it would be ready soon. Then one night when my nose was so stuffy I couldn't breath he made a late night run to the store to get me nasal strips to open my sinuses so I could sleep. So sweet. 

Week 13: July 12th-July 18th
Baby is the size of a kiwi (.81 ounces.)
- I really miss my flat(ish) tummy.
- The most challenging pregnancy symptom for me is all the comfort foods I want.
- The only thing I'm glad hasn't happened is that I haven't bloated in my face or thrown up.
- I'm spending most of my extra cash these days on paying for our Europe trip.
- The one thing my parents and I want to do differently as parents is nothing. We have great parents!
- Baby, this week I want you to know about what kind of kid I was. The truth is, I was really a good kid and also the kind of person who wanted to do good continually. I may have made mistakes, who doesn't, but I always knew the church was true and tried to live my life accordingly.

Week 14: July 19th-July 25th
Baby is the size of a lime (1.5 ounces.)

-I am showing a little, but I still look like I ate to much.
- My feeling about finding out the sex of the baby is I can't wait!! Please tell me now!
- My partner feels like you will be a boy. I think you will be a boy as well.
- The best thing about being in the second trimester is that now I don't have to keep it a secret. And that I'll start showing soon.
- As for morning sickness, it's still not bothering me.
-When I imagine this baby, I'm seeing blue eyes and blond hair. And a disposition like his/her dad.
- Baby, you should know this about your grandparents: They are so excited for you to join their families. Especially the McKnight family who will be welcoming you as their first grandchild.

The First Trimester

 This was our original idea for our baby announcement. But then we realized we needed someone to take the picture. And I think we all know what happens when you ask a stranger to take your picture.

Written on July 9th, 2013

I am about 12.5 weeks now and almost to the 2nd trimester. I think I've mentioned that I knew I was pregnant from basically the moment of conception. The first two weeks were the longest though, waiting to find out if I was really pregnant or just going crazy. Then the rest seemed to drag until I went on vacation and had other things to think about.

I had my first ultrasound on Friday May 23rd. Mike came with me and it was a little anti climactic when the baby was so small and barely had a heartbeat. They told me I wasn't as far along as I had thought, which was a big bummer. In the beginning it was all I could think about and do to count each day. Reach a new week marker. So to be told I was a week and a few days behind what I thought, it was a little disappointing. Poor Mike also showed his weak stomach for all things medical. All he had to do was walk into the Dr. office and he was feeling queasy. Things didn't improve from their either. Since I was only a few weeks along they couldn't do the ultrasound from my stomach but had to do it... Well the "other" way. I thought he was going to pass out... Not even joking. We are going to need some serious help in this area or I will honest to goodness loos him in delivery. The first sight of ANY bodily fluid and he will be passed out. Good thing we have time to prepare him for this. Good thing we have time to prepare ME for this, what am I talking about!

The next ultra sound I had was 2.5 weeks later on June 11th. Mike wasn't able to make it so I was on my own. I had been having mild cramping the whole pregnancy, which I have read is normal. Of course you always worry about miscarriage in early pregnancy so I was a little nervous about what would come up on the screen. When I had a minute in the room to myself before the ultrasound I actually said a prayer. I just wanted HF to know that I was prepared for whatever path he had for me and that I would need his help regardless of that path. I was so happy so hear the heartbeat and even more happy when I saw the little one dancing and moving all about. It was incredible. I could have sat and watched my little one dance all afternoon long. The Dr. had other plans though and it was over in a min. Bummer. I was sad Mike missed out on all the action but I know there will be plenty more appts for him tag along on.

I have been really blessed in my pregnancy. I was really tired starting at 6 weeks but felt pretty normal other than exhaustion. Then weeks 7/8 I had some mild nausea. It wasn't horrible, just uncomfortable and inconvenient to be dealing with at the end of the school year when things were so busy. I discovered though that on the days I worked out I felt perfectly normal and was just a little more tired than I would normally be. Then when I got to 9 weeks I was basically feeling like myself again. I still find that on occasion I will feel nauseous, and usually if I eat something small it goes away. My motion sickness is at an all time peek and I wear the sea bands any time I'm not the one driving.  I haven't had any pregnancy cravings, just a few food aversions. When I wasn't feeling well I couldn't look at raw veggies. I also was just a little picky with food. One Sunday I made a meal I thought sounded so good. I made grilled chicken, corn n the cob and watermelon. I ate all of 5 bites and had to stop because it didn't taste good anymore. But I'll take that over being sick in bed or over a toilet any day. I think it's fun because all these pregnancy symptoms are things I've heard about from friends and now I'm having them. Sometimes I think, "WOW, they didn't make this up, I really am super sensitives to strong smells (or some other related pregnancy symptom.)" I have stopped wearing perfume because it makes me nauseous and when people would smoke all around me in Europe I had to cover my nose from the stench because it made me want to through up. I still do feel kind of sick in the middle of the night, but since I was adjusting to a new time zone and eating foods I don't normally eat I'm unsure if it was pregnancy related or just my body getting back at me for what I was putting it through. One very welcome change is my growing chest, yes please. Not so much for my growing stomach. At this point I haven't "popped" yet. I'm not by any means noticeably pregnant. What I am is noticeably chubby around the midsection. A lot of us have a little gut that we can suck in and hide to some extent. I am no longer really able to hide mine. It is here for the duration I guess, but I wish I would just look pregnant and not fat.  Oh well. I knew this was part of the deal. Oh, and another thing about pregnancy and hormones... My skin looks worse than it did when I was going through puberty. I mean seriously! My forehead and sides of my face are covered in bumps. Occasionally I get large unwanted blemished... I also got really bad acne on my back. At one point the girls I babysit asked what was all over my back. That's when I knew it was bad. Thankfully that had stared to calm down a little, oh the joys. I really do love this new adventure of pregnancy and can't wait for it to turn into motherhood. I know it will come with its challenges but I also know nothing will bring me more joy. I can't wait till January so I can meet this little one.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Telling the Family

As mentioned before Mike was really excited to start telling people. I wanted to wait and tell my family after our first ultrasound just to be sure everything looked ok. But I was easily swayed and Mike convinced me that Mother's Day would be the perfect time to tell mY mom (I was barely 5 weeks.) So that morning I called my brother Bryant and let him in on the good news. He was so excited, he has been begging for a niece or nephew for three or four years now. He even got us baby gear for Christmas this year. Anyways I sent him out on an errand to break the sabbath. I had him buy a picture frame that said grandma and put a picture of our positive pregnancy test in it. I wish it was an ultra sound picture but we didn't have a lot to work with. I also had him get a card that said grandma. Inside the card I had him print out a message I had written to her as well as a picture of me holding the pregnancy test, prof that it was actually mine. So that afternoon we Skype with my family during the Mother's Day lunch. When the gifts were presented Bryant stuck my gift for mom in the mix. She opened the card first and read "Grandma" on the front. I played it off like he had gotten the wrong card, then had her open the gift. When she first saw the frame it took a little while to process. The whole family was around the table and getting excited as they all started to understand. Then she started to doubt me saying "is this a joke." I guess one April fools pregnancy joke will earn you that reaction. When I told her no and that it was May AND that it would be an awful joke to pull on Mother's Day she started to cry and said "My baby is having a baby!" It was pretty sweet. My sisters were ecstatic and immediately started to fight over who would be the favorite Aunt. My dad was all smiles and so excited to know all the details. It was fun to share our good news with them. This is the first grand baby on my side of the family so they all can't wait. My brother Andrew was at work that day so I had to call him that night to tell him. He had one of my favorite reactions to date. He was so excited when he heard and asked a ton of questions with a lot of emotion in his voice. He's hoping it will be a little quarterback that he can teach to pole vault. It was so fun to chat with him, as always. I love my family.



Poor Mike had to wait a few more weeks to tell his parents. We had agreed to wait until they came to CT for the open house over Memorial Day weekend. We had told his sister Camille earlier though since they were expecting and had been teasing us about jumping in on this grandchild rotation. Then his sneaky twin sister Melanie somehow squeezed it out of him before hand. She knows him well enough to know when he is acting funny or dodging certain questions. But other than that the other siblings and parents remains in the dark. We waited until long after the open house was over Friday night to share the news with the family. I had made this cute picture of the ultrasound with the words "Coming January 2014 .... Baby Jenson" and put it in a frame. I told Mikes mom that it was my late Mother's Day gift to her. When she opened it she wondered if her eyes were playing ticks on her. When Mikes dad saw the picture the first thing he said is {with his hands in the air, as if to be thanking the heavens} "We've been praying for this for years!" Haha I guess after being married almost 5 years and no kids, your almost asking for that sort of reaction. It's either A) disbelief or B) Thanks to The Lord for prayers answered. So fun.

Right before I went on vacation I told my grandparents. I knew my dad was having a hard time keeping it a secret and so I figured I'd let him off the hook. My mom was visiting them in Columbus one Sunday and so she had us all FaceTime together. While we were on the phone I showed them a picture of the ultrasound. It was the same question of whether or not it was real. I was able to take some really precious screen shoots of their reaction. My grandpa was smiling from ear to ear, while my grandma was more reserved (probably waiting for me to tell her I was just joking or something.) It was fun to clue them in. This will be their first great-grandchild, I hope we can have my grandpa be apart of the baby blessing. Whether in CT or OH, it would be so special to have him be apart of that.

Right before the school year was over I decided to tell one of my coworkers. I had worked in Elise's classroom the past 2 years and have really grown to love her. She is just the kindest women. I knew she would be excited. We had planned to go to a book fair and were driving together. She asked what my plans were for next year and I told her I would have to take some maternity leave. She was so excited and was upset she couldn't hug me because she was driving. When she was able to stop she flew across the seat and gave me the biggest hug. Then she told me she had been saving some nice maternity dressed for me. She had bought them for her daughters and they ended up not fitting, but she thought they might work for me. So she saved them (for over a year) until I made my announcement. I'm pretty sure she was almost as excited as my own mother. I can't wait to share all my pregnancy details with her as I know she will be anxious and interested to hear all of them .

Sweet Pea

 One time I was reading through a pregnancy blog and it listed "5 things you can stop worrying about now that you're pregnant." One of them was "having a flat tummy." I have never considered myself as having a "great stomach." I'd never parade around in a bikini because I don't have the figure for it. Now that my child birthing years are upon me I know I better document my pre pregnancy stomach. If what I hear is true, it might not ever look like this again. Plus I also thought this was a super cute pregnancy picture.

This week I am 6 weeks pregnant. They say at this point the baby is the size of a sweet pea and it has developed a little heart bulge. So far I have been pretty lucky, fingers crossed it stays like this. My symptoms are pretty minor and on and off. Sometimes, my stomach is in knots, fells bloated or I have minor cramping. I am pretty tired all the time, which is actually pretty normal for me. I have noticed that I have to burp after every meal, that is so strange because I NEVER do that. Last year when my coworker was pregnant she said the same thing and I was thinking "yeah right, that's not a pregnancy symptom." But low and behold, it is. The only other true symptom is having to race off to the ladies room to relieve myself every 30 min. My coworkers may be getting suspicious. It's been pretty easy to keep my secret since I don't really feel pregnant and it hasn't really sunk in yet. I'm sure that will all change when we go for the ultra sound next week. That will make it all a lot more real. When Mike's sister asks how I am doing he tells her that he forgets I'm pregnant because I'm my same old self. Which I guess is good. My mom said she never had morning sickness and neither did her mom, this is one things I am hoping is genetic!

(*Note: The following week I had an ultrasound and they took measurements gave me a much later due date than the one I was using from my LMP. So technically I was only 5weeks here.)

Fortune Cookies

I've imagined the day I would tell Mike we were expecting for years. How I would tell him, what his reaction would be, would he cry, ect. When we started trying to have kids I created a secret pinterest board and started collecting ideas for how I wanted to tell him. I didn't love any of them though. Then one day an idea hit me and I knew that was what I wanted to do, so right then and there I set my plan into motion. Not even knowing that I was technically already pregnant.

I wrote the following poem and stuck it on the wall in our room to ask him on a date for Friday night. I recognize I'm not a poet, but its the best I could do in the little time I had.

To my dearest,

I'm sure you may know, I hate this time of year,
It makes me quit sad when you are not near.
Leaving home early and returning so late
I may not recognize you at this fast rate. 

So I have made a decision, one you can't refuse
Friday night will be mine. Here are some clues,
Be home promptly by 7:45,  as timing is key
And please look nice, my darling sweet pea.

No need to eat a large lunch at noon
Or the timing of things will be inopportune.
I love you my dear and I hope I've been concise
I promise it will be well worth your studies sacrifice!

Love you,
Keesh Cakes

That night we went to dinner at P.F. Changs. I was bursting to tell him, but still I kept quiet. After our appetizer the server brought out a plate of fortune cookies. I tried to nonchalantly get Mike to open one, but he didn't care to. So I had to keep waiting. It was hard to focus and have a meaningful conversation when all I wanted to do was tell him the good news. He even made the comment that his friend and coworker, McKay, had predicted I was going to tell him that I was pregnant. Since the CFA is in 3 weeks he thought it was odd that Mike was leaving the office so early (7:30.) I had to laugh at that one. Since Mike complained that he was already pretty full I knew he wouldn't be the one to make the first move for the fortune cookies, so I had to take action. I told him we needed to read our fortunes. My stomach was doing flips with excitement. When he read the fortune it said.... "You're going to be a Daddy!!"

Now this is the funny part. As I mentioned I had imagined this moment A LOT, but NEVER did I imagine it like this. He started laughing and the conversation went as follows

Mike: "This is to funny, I have to send this to McKay." 

Kristin thinks to herself : "Wait! What? He finds out he is going to be a dad and the first thing he wants to do is text a friend? He doesn't want to kiss me, or ask when we're due? He just wants to text his friend.?" 

Kristin: (a little defensively) "You see something like that and you don't want to say anything to me, the first person that comes to your mind is McKay?" 

Mike: Yeah, it's funny.

Kristin thinks: He doesn't realize I'm making an announcement, I start laughing uncontrollably.

Kristin: Mike! This is a customized fortune, I put these here!

Mike: No way, your joking...

Kristin: (scrolling through my phone for picture of positive pregnancy test) No, For real. I'm pregnant. See here is the proof.

Que server coming over to our table to pack up our left over dinner.  Poor guy.

Mike: Are you serious? Wait. What? {dazed and confused face.} But that was so fast. Are you kidding me?

Kristin: Yes, I am kidding. Happy April fools day in May. Of course I'm not kidding. I'm pregnant. 

Mike: But we just started trying, it doesn't happen that fast, does it?

Que pregnancy hormones

Kristin: You sound like your not even happy about this. *tears* I didn't think this is how you would react.

Mike: {Laughs}Of course I'm happy, I'm just in shock. I wasn't expecting is. Are you crying? Are those pregnancy hormones already? 

Kristin: I don't know. I guess I just worked really hard to make this special and I wasn't expecting you to take it this way. {realizes shes acting ridiculous now, but can't help it!}

Mike: {Comes over to sit next to me and kisses me} I am happy, really happy. I just am in shock. I love the way you told me, this is great!

Kristin: *sigh* *smile* "Good!"

Then I finally got to tell him all the details and share in my excitement with someone. Right away he wanted to start making phone calls and telling people. I told him he wasn't aloud and that I wanted to make sure everything was okay before we started to tell people. BUT that I would make one exception to the rule. We could tell Jeff and Camille (his Sister and Brother-in-law.) We had been planning to try and get pregnant around the same time. They are due at the end of September so we wanted to let them know that we delivered on our end of the deal.

 After dinner we walked into Barnes and Noble. I wanted to buy our baby (that feels weird to say still) a book. I love a good reason to buy a book. We decided on a sentimental board book for Baby Jenson.

When we got home we facetimed with Jeff and Camille and their reaction was about the same as Mikes, disbelief and then excitement. The babies will be about 4 months apart. They are expecting a boy so now Mike is even more set that this little one has to be a boy. I've always said I would be sad if I had a boy first but now I really don't care and will be just as thrilled with whatever it is!

After the phone call Mike wanted to tell more people. He wanted me to call my mom and tell her right away, but I told him absolutely not! I didn't want to cheapen it with a random 10:30 phone call. The final activity of the evening was watching "What to Expect When Your Expecting." I have been waiting to watch it till the night I told Mike we were expecting. It was the perfect way to end the evening, cuddling and laughing! What a fantastic evening!!

Ready or not, here we go!

After 4 and a half year of marriage Mike and I decided we were ready to add some little ones to our family. I stopped taking BC in January, a new years resolutions of sorts I guess. Get Pregnant was my goal for 2013. We both figured it would take several months so we weren't going to stress about it. We would just let natural run its course. The last week of April I was standing in front of my class and I was hit by this wave of exhaustion and nausea. I sat down and still felt this weird feeling in my stomach. My stomach felt sick, but the rest of my body was fine. It was very strange. I was also very tired, but that's not really a new thing. Then I had this thought pop into my mind, "I think I'm pregnant!" I had been tracking all the things the doctors want you to track when you are thinking of getting pregnant so I knew it was a possibility, but I wasn't due for my period for 2 more weeks. It seemed to early to be having symptoms. So I tried to pass it off as a stomach bug. I didn't mention it to Mike though. I wanted to surprise him with the good news {assuming I was really pregnant} in a "cute" way. So I kept it all to myself. Fast forward two week and I was ready to take a pregnancy test. I still had no appetite and  was not feeling like myself, but now I was running to the ladies room to relieve myself every 30 min. I took a test Sunday morning and it was neg. I took one again on Mon morning, still neg. I told myself not to get my hopes up I might be making it all up. So I didn't take one Tuesday morning. However, by Tuesday night I couldn't help myself and took another. This time I saw the faintest pink line!!! I started jumping up and down, then cried, then dropped to my knees to say a prayer of Thanks to Heavenly Father. I immediately started praying for the baby to develop properly and that I would have a healthy pregnancy (something we always prayed for when my mom was pregnant.) Mike walked in the door 10 min later. I wanted to tell him right away, but I still was nervous the line wasn't dark enough. I also didn't want to cheapen the surprise moment I had been planning for him. So I kept it to myself and went off to a girls night. Again, I wanted to spill the beans, but I kept the excitement to myself. I had a digital pregnancy test at home for "confirmation" purposes and decided to use it on Wed morning, just to be sure. It read "pregnant" in under a minute. It was official. I was pregnant! And I somehow needed to keep it to myself until Friday night when I could set my plan for Mike into motion. Longest 3 days of my life!!

Wednesday morning before work, after I had just confirmed my suspicions to be correct.