Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holiday Party

Just a little update from us. The highlight of our week was Mikes Company "End of Year Party." We weren't allowed to call it a Holiday/Christmas party because there are a few other faiths in the office of only 62 people. Anyways, at the party they gave some company updates and stats. We are so lucky to have a steady job with a promising future in the current economy. This company started out 14 years ago with only 3 people and 1 office. Now they have 62 (and growing) employees, an office in Darien and Zurich, not to mention a great team of managing directors. It was just one of those moments when you realize how truly blessed you have been. Now we just need to find me a job I really enjoy and can grow in...

The happy Christmas couple!
You know I only curl my hair a few times a year so I had to document it. Also I did it with a flat iron. A task that for me deserves a pat on the back because its a challenge.
I really loved my shoes... to bad I can barely walk in them.
The cat was in the way so we decided to wrap her like a christmas present!
Mike wrapped this present all by himself. If you can read it the note on it reads : Dear Santa, Need wrapping lessons for Christmas. -Mike

Today While I was video chatting my family, they held the camera up at the TV so I could see. Then they played a lot of home videos from years ago. I'm so happy they did such a good job recording us while we all grew up. I watch one of me and my siblings when I was 11, Bry was 9, Andrew was 6 and Katie was 2. It was Christmas and I was in a ugly sweater. We were preforming some N'SYNC for my family. This included Dancing/Singing/Tumbling to 'God Must have Spent a little more time on you" and "Happy Holidays." It was sooo cute watching me take it sooo seriously, Andrew doing "break dancing" and Katie doing summersaults all over the place. So typical. It brought back a ton of memories and made me once again grateful for the family I grew up in.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

"In old Ohio there's a team.."

So my good friend Aubri made a terrible mistake today. She decided to disrespect my Buckeyes in her blog post. Our two teams (Ohio State and Oregon) are to play each other in the BCS Rose bowl Jan 1. So the rest of you may continue if you care, but Aubri this is for you

-Now I understand what its like to feel passionately about your favorite sports team. So I can’t be to upset with the disrespect you’ve shown my team thus far. I know throughout the course of our friendship we’ve never really talked sports. I don’t know your background and you don’t know mine. So first let me tell you why my fist tighten, blood pressure rises and heart races when I hear people say that they will have no problem blowing my team away.

First off- This is me @ 1 1/2 sporting my OSU cheerleading outfit.

Dressed for success watching our Bucks win one of many BSC Bowl games.

Have you ever been to the Horseshoe on a Saturday afternoon in the fall?? There is nothing like it in the world I’ll tell you that. Imagine if you will… 102,329 screaming fans, a massive sea of scarlet and gray,

the Ohio State Marching Band (AKA:The best DAMN band in the land) doing script Ohio on the field,

98 warriors running out onto the turf to give their blood, sweat and tears to keep the tradition of pride and honor in our football program.

I don’t have to imagine this, because I’ve lived it. This is my childhood, my parents childhood, my grandparents childhood… I’m a proud 6th generation Ohioan. My father graduated from OSU, my grandfather/grandmother graduated from OSU and so on. BUT not only did they graduate from OSU but they were apart of if. My grandfather ran track and pole-vaulted for OSU. Then turned around and couched there (He has a plaque in their hall of fame if you’re ever in the Area and want to check it out.) So understand this my friend, there aren’t many people whole bleed deeper scarlet and grey than I. And when you insult my team you in essence, insult me.

So now that you understand where my heart is in this matter lets talk facts. I first must say I’m not one to talk a lot of trash. I know how vulnerable these kids are. These teams can be completely different than they were the week before (for better or worse.) I will not say that OSU will stomp on Oregon… and you should be mindful of what you say as well. Both of these teams are good or we wouldn’t be in a BCS bowl game. But if its stats you want than here are a few for you.

Over the years the following has been recorded about these two programs.

Ohio State: 7 National Championships, 36 Conference championships, 7 Heisman’s, 78 All Americans.

Oregon: 0 National Championships, 8 Conference championships, 0 Heisman’s, 2 All Americans.

Now I know these are past record I’m just pointing out that we are well seasoned team and we most certainly have what it takes to give you guys a fight.

I also want to clear somethings up...

  • You may have “creamed” UCS but you barely beat Purdue 38-36.
  • It also is not wise to assume because you can beat teams we lost to that you will beat us. There are so many factors to take in to account each game, each week.
  • Also how many shutouts did you guys have again this year??? Oh that's right NONE. We had three.
  • Sure you won a few games pretty heavily—but check it—so did we.
  • The only two games we lost we lost by almost less than a touch down—just like you. We’re not so different are we?
  • You have a good reason to be concerned about our Defense. It’s one of the BEST in the Country and it has been for years. This is why we’ve…
  • Won the Big 10 champion 5 years in a row now… how many times in a row have you won the Pac 10???
  • Also don’t disregard Pryor, he’s an Ace. It was big news to see what college would score him when he graduated High school. And he’s done us proud.
  • We’ve had our coach for 9 years he is completely in tune with these kids. Your couch has only been around a year.
  • Sure you have a good offence, but so do we its just a completely different style.

But here is the point and case -- this is going to be a low scoring game. Both teams are good. Both teams will fight. Look at the stats from this year they are pretty dang close to the same. (Some could argue we have the strength of schedule on our side but we will let that slide and look at the raw stats.) It will be a classic Rose bowl worth watching and both will give it their all.

So Aubri my friend. We are coming for your dear Ducks...

May the Best team win!!

Here a video for you too... I'm not patient enough to wait for it to download.

In old Ohio there's a team
That's known throughout the land
Eleven warriors brave and bold,
Whose fame will ever stand.
And when the ball goes over,
Our cheers will reach the sky,
Ohio Field will hear again
The Buckeye Battle Cry!

Drive, Drive on down the field,
Men of the scarlet and gray;
Don't let them through that line,

We're gonna win this game today, O-HI-O!
Smash through to victory,
We cheer you as we go!
Our honor defend we will fight to the end for O-HI-O!

(Also it should be stated that I will love you, Aubri, no matter what. You just have to understand that you struck a deep heart string when you posted your blog.)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Three Kings found the Lord... And so can we.

(Warning: Really long post with lots of Christmas thoughts.)

I love the Christmas Season. So much about it makes me smily and cheerful. I've enjoyed my lights, tree, wrapping presents, crafts, baking, Christmas TV specials and nativity scenes. However, I've really tried to keep my thoughts and actions close to the Savior this year. I've been reading the Gospels out of the New Testament since November and plan on finishing them by New Years. That it's self has added soo much to this special season. As I look at the nativity scenes scattered throughout my house I see the Christ child and can vividly remember the various account of his birth. I can remember the stories of those he healed, the parables he taught that I am finally internalizing and applying. And I can pounder on his infinite sacrifice. It truly is an experience I am truly enjoying.

Today Mike and I took the time to finally put the ornaments on our tree. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful grandmother who started such a special tradition. Each year she would take us to Hallmark and buy us an ornament. She encouraged us to get one with meaning. I'm so glad I took her advice on that. As I hung my special ornaments today a flood of childhood memories came back with ease. I remembered my obsession with barbies, love for doll houses, crush on Simba (I know he was a cartoon Lion-- but he was soo cute,) year as a music major and my time working at Disney World. Each of the ornaments and its coordinating memory made me truly grateful for the happy memories I've been blessed with. I pondered on my future children and my strong desire to raise them in a home with tender memories. I love how easy it is to reflect on life around christmas time.

Hanging my ornaments
Holding the "children."
The finished product.

Our Tiny Family.

After the tree was complete we sat down to watch "The Forgotten Carols." I have to first thank my dear friend Abby for introducing this phenomenal christmas treasure to me. My freshman year of college she invited me home to her house for Thanksgiving and her parents were kind enough to take us to the production playing in Idaho Falls. I was in love. The next two years I was in Idaho I made it point to go see the show live. The music is wonderful but the story that accompanies it is truly incredible. Knowing that I would no longer be able to attend the show I ordered a copy of a recorded performance. As I watched and listened I could feel my spirit yarning to remember a time before this life. When it witnessed the birth of the savior, or perhaps even sang in that great host of heavenly angles who announced the miracle of His birth. A time before the turmoil and commotion of this life. As I listened closely to the lyrics of the songs a few really stuck out. One spoke of the shepherd who slept through the angles visitation and did not go see christ but believed his friends when they told him. I was thinking how hard it would be to believe angles came to my friends when I was sleeping. And the words say "I knew that as the world goes on with time, there would be more stories just like mine. About all those who'd chosen to believe, in something that they never got to see." It is so easy for me to accept and believe the story of Christ's life and ministry. Yet I know that there are some who do not. Some who don't even know the story of Christmas. I've been so taken back working with a family who does not have any sort of religion. They don't know any of these precious stories. Each time I tell a new story their eyes light up like a child, what a special opportunity. I'm glad I am one of the many who does not need to see Christ to KNOW he is my savior. Nor do I need to see him to dedicate my life to living as he did. I also loved the song that spoke of the wise men who sought after the Lord. And how we need to find him as well. I think the process of seeking and finding the Lord, for me, is a daily one. I can get so wrapped up in the hum-drum of everyday life that I forget to do the things that will help me find the Lord and keep his spirit with me throughout the day. Three kings travels a great distance with nothing but a star and their faith to guide them to Christ. I have the scriptures, church magazines, living prophets and so much more to aid me in my daily quest for Christ. If Three Kings found the Lord then so Can I.

After that we watched the First Presidencies Christmas devotional. What a treat it is to have that special broadcast every year. What a way to help keep us dedicated to serving those around us a rededicating our holiday to the savior. I'm to tired not to remember the words that touched me so deeply, but I'm grateful for them. What a fine group a Men to lead and guide our church. And as always the music was incredible. I loved hearing the choir sing some of my favorite christmas songs. What a wonderful sunday. I just hope I have enough energy and enthusiasm to kick off this new week!


So on Thanksgiving Mike woke up early with a horribly sharp pain in his left side. Having had a kidney stone whole on his mission he recognized the pain and hoped it would quickly go away without medical attention. He hobbled out the door on Thanksgiving morning refusing to miss the Turkey bowl. On the was to the game he was about to turn around and come home because he was in so much pain. He decided he'd say a prayer first. After his prayer the pain subsided he played his game and we thought all was well in Zion due to our great faith ;-) However, Sunday morning he woke up in really bad shape. He was suppose to teach a sunday school lesson to the youth for a friend. He came at the end of sacrament and asked for a blessing from the missionaries that he would be able to give the lesson he had diligently prepared. After the blessing the pain was dulled (but still very much there) and he was able to give an incredible lesson to the 16 year olds. After the "Amen" of the closing prayer the pain came back with vengeance and we quickly went home to change our clothes and go to the ER. We were quickly ushered in and a Cat-scan was taken. The CT confirmed that he did indeed had a bad kidney stone (6mm or the size of a green pea.) He was given LOTS of drugs and finally the pain went away and he was discharged. The rest of sunday and monday were rough. However Tues-Thur he was perfectly fine. We thought it was over and had been made whole. Friday morning came and he was in rough shape. I will spare you all the gory details but he was basically having labor like pains all day. He didn't want to go back to the ER but at 5:30pm he had a friend (Thank you Braden!) drive him tot he hospital AGAIN! So long story short the stone is moving and getting stuck and that is what is causing the pain. He was giving another insane amount of medication and we were able to go home at 11:00pm.

Out of it.
Staring out into space.

Prof that I was there and being a very loving wife!

So we'll see how long it takes to get this thing out of him. He's still in pain but learning to function with it. Poor guy we just hope this gets taken care of before Christmas!

So now he is my kidney stoner.... stoner fr short!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Spectacular

You know I am convinced that there is no other city in the country that is as pretty as NYC at christmas time. A city so rich in holiday traditions; Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular and the Lighting of the Christmas tree on Rock plaza. Mike and I were able to go to the City friday evening (after my 3 hours of sleep from all the shopping festivities.) As we walked from Grand Central down 5th Ave the street were alined with beautiful, twinkling lights. The people were bundled up in fashionable pashminas and designer boots all rushing about to grab that final black Friday deal. We walked past this building that had these pretty lights on it. As I approached the building to take a picture I noticed they were twinkling to the song 'Carol of the Bells.' It was incredible and just added to the ambiance of the whole evening.

We of course walked around Rockafella Plaza to see all the beautiful decorations. The gorgeous Christmas angels and the fantastic Christmas tree (Which as of tonight is lit in Rock plaza) made me incredibly happy.

Me in front of the angel.
The infamous ice skating rink.
Some of the lights at Rock Center
The Radio City Hall of Music.
My handsome husband and I.
Inside the timeless hall of music

From the top of the hall.
The stage.

Getting ready for the big show!

The show was truly phenomenal. The Rockettes were as amazing as I have always imagined they would be. Their precision in dancing is truly remarkable. From our seat in the balcony we were able to see their dances from above and that was incredible. Their formations looked like the stage should be moving but really it was them moving in perfect order. My favorite part by far was the nativity scene. They had live sheep with the shepherds and real camels carrying the wise men. It was so touching to see that the true meaning of christmas hasn't been lost in all the glitter and glitz of the season.

After the show Mike and I walked to our favorite restaurant in the City, Mama Mexico. We enjoyed it soo much as usual. There was one point in the evening were the manager was pouring tequila in everyones mouth. We were the only ones to decline this kind jester. Kind of funny. It was a fantastic date to kick off the holiday season.

Thankful for a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends that are basically family!

I know that was the longest title ever... I may have gotten carried away.

This year I hosted my first Thanksgiving and along with that came many other firsts. It was a complete blast though. I loved trying to put together a nice table setting on a dime and found a lot of great deals on some classic pieces I can have in my home for years to come. I must admit I got really into the table. It was my pride and joy and the focal point of the whole event.

Table for 10
A single place setting.
Oh and this was my turkey. I thought it turned out pretty!
Cyn whipping up a delicious yam dish.
Megan helping our little indian squaw around.
How many cooks in the kitchen.
Part of the feast of the year.
Relaxing into the night.
The pretty pies I made (Caramel apple, Cherry and peach.)
Is she not the cutest thing you've ever seen? And she poses so well for the camera!! I LOVE her!

And by the end of the whole thing I felt like this!

HOWEVER: Don't be fooled by this picture. I indeed got no sleep (ok 20 min tops) thanksgiving night. I camped out at Best Buy with my friends lindsey and as she would say "Norwalk's finest..." We were both hoping for a rocking HP desktop. We were the last people in line to obtain such a treasure. However we got one... and there were two of us. How do you split a desktop? "You take the modem, I'll take the screen and keyboard?" No kind of counter productive. We decided to handle it the diplomatic way... Flip a coin. I was on the loosing end of the coin toss and walked away with a life time memory. However the lose did have a small effect on my psyche. If you think I lashed out irrationally and began to pull Lindsey's hair your far from it. I in fact proceeded to stay up and shop at every store I could until 12:30pm when I crashed. Next year it would be to my wallets benefit if I just got the item I want in the morning and go home to bed. lol.

Brain Regan

A few weekends ago we drove to Northern Connecticut to attend a Brian Regan Concert. Now for those of you who don't know who he is... shame on you, go to his site, NOW. Anyways Mike will tell you it is the best money we ever spent. We went up with our good friends the Johnsons and we all died when we got to out seats. We were 7 rows from the front. We bough the cheapest seats and so we were floored when the ushers walked us closer and closer to the stage. Our fantastic seats made the show even that much more enjoyable as we were able to see his hysterical facial expressions. It was a night to remember. I'm sure the next time we get a chance we will make the necessary monetary sacrifice to see him again.

Sooo excited!
The Johnsons
The stage from our seats.
The theater we saw the show at!

Dancing the Night Away & Twilight

Mike & I were recently called to the youth program of the church. I am an advisor in the Young Women's and Mike as the first Councilor in the Young Mens presidency. We are both very excited to work with the youth of the church. My youth leaders played a profound effect in shaping me into the women I am today. I'm excited to not only set an example to these beautiful daughters of God but to come to know and love them. As newly called leaders we preformed our first labor of love a few weeks ago when we volunteered to chaperone a wonderful youth event. It was a dinner/Dance in New Canaan. I wasn't planning on staying the whole evening but it evolved into that. Lucky as the music started to play I was quickly taken back to the memories of my not so distant youth and could feel the rhythm in my "soul." LOL. Actually many will acknowledge that I have no rhythm or coordination but I love to dance anyways. So with a few good dancing partners in hand (My husband and the Broadbents) I sent off to the Dance floor-- not know I would end up being there literally ALL night (well from 7:30-10 at least ;-)

My 'wild' side.

My dancing partner. (Side note: Corinne is really an amazing dancer [by profession I might add] and I looked pretty funny next to her obvious talent and skill. It was still fun though!)

The following friday I was lucky enough to be graced by the presence of some of my greatest east coast girlfriends. Some may call us Twihards for agreeing to see the Premiere of "New Moon" at the same time as a hundred screaming teen girls. However, we (and by 'we' I mean 'I') found it very rewarding the moment Taylor Lautner took off his shirt. LOL. Anyways it was a great time and the movie defiantly delivered compared to its less then perfect counterpart (I though I will admit I have watched Twilight more than 30 times... don't believe me.. I dare you to take me on in the twilight bored game!! ;)
Colleen, Lindsey, Cynda and I