Sunday, January 31, 2010

Something new..

I'm always so impressed by those of you who post so often. I enjoy keeping up to date with every ones lives. I wish some of you did it more often too... However, I realize that I'm not the best at posting all the time either. I guess I feel like if I don't have a picture to accompanied the post its not worth posting. That may or may not be true, but one thing I haven't done lately is take pictures. For good reason too... we've been sick!! Can you believe it? We've been passing the same germs back and forth for weeks. This time though, I got hit hard. I couldn't breath out of my nose for 4 DAYS!! Do you know what that's like? NyQuil and I had a prompt 8 o'clock date every evening. (The only reason it was so late was because I still had to work.) I got a good taste of what motherhood is like when you are under the weather. The kids still need to be cared for. That was awful. I finally went to the doctor for the first time since I was 5!! I guess having a dad that's a doctor really is handy. I got some medicine and I think its only doing half its job.

Anyways I'm done complaining. Can I just brag about my amazing husband? Hes been getting up at 6am every day so he can get to work 1 1/2 hours early to study for the CFA. He stays an hour 1/2 late, then he spends at least 5-8 hours on Saturday studying. Not to mention all the practice tests he sneaks in once I've gone to sleep. I have to give a shout out to my Friend Lindsey who's husband is doing the same thing. They are a good support system for each other. The test isn't until June 6th but this is their schedule till then. Only 40% of people pass the test, so all this hard work is required! Please keep him in your prayers!! This is just part one. If he passes he still has two more parts he'll take in June of 2011 and 2012!!

I found a new hobby!! Not sure what to call it, but I like it. I guess its a type of digital scrapbook. My friend Lindsey showed me how and I've been all over it today. Hopefully this means my creativity levels will increase. Don't hold your breath though! Its been a fun pass time and this was my first accomplishment! What do you think?!?!

Monday, January 18, 2010

My Amazingly Talented Sister

So some people take time to write blog posts about their amazing children. Which is totally fine with me, except I don't have kids to 'brag' about. So today I want to 'brag' about my sister.

So I sang in church yesterday. Everyone said it went pretty well and that it sounded great. Little do they know I'm just the tip of the McKnight family talent. All of my siblings have different musical talents and my sister Kt is no exception. She writes music. She is 13 an composes beautiful songs. She writes the lyrics, puts music to song and then writes the piano accompaniment. It is amazing. She stared writing music when she was barely 12. She wrote really fun pop like songs. Then she met a church songwriter than told her if she wrote 12 church songs she would look at them an show them to someone. So thats what she's been doing. She sang me these two earlier today and they are sooo beautiful. I may be bias becasue she is my sister. But I'll let you see the lyrics to the two songs she wrote. One is for my brother who is on a mission. I think the words are sooo up lifting. I just wish you could hear the melody to them. They truly are amazing. I wish I was half as talented as she is.

Maybe one day this will be her Album Cover?!?!?

This is my FAVORITE!!

Verse One:

When the world becomes so wicked and I’m forced to choose,

Which pathway I will follow, the evil always loose.

When I feel like I’m the only one left to make this choice,

Then I come to realize I could be the voice.


The voice to help those who’ve fallen astray,

Forgive them of their sins and the choices they have made.

I wanna show who I can be,

I want to make Him proud of me.

Verse Two:

When the terrors of mankind just don’t seem to cease,

Then I feel like it’s my duty to show the world some peace.

When I feel I’ve given it my all, but I just can’t stop the fire,

Then I go to Him in faith and prayer,

And pour out my heart’s desire.

I Can Be…


The voice to help those whose hearts are in need,

To fight off the evil by just one good deed.

I wanna show who I can be,

I want to make Him proud of me.


I will try with all my heart and sole to be the better me,

I will do my best to live my life with full integrity.


The voice to help others truly see,

The voice to return all thy children to thee.

I wanna show who I can be,

I want to make Him proud of me.

By: Katie McKnight

Brothers Keeper

Verse 1:

When I go too far, I’m in too deep,

His voice in my mind I do keep.

Always looking out for me,

Saying what I could be.

Pointing me in the righteous way,

Praying for me to get better every day.

All I want and all I need,

Is to make him proud of who I’m trying to be.


He’s my brother, he’s my friend,

Helps me to endure till the end.

And he’ll catch me if I fall,

Is here to guide me through it all.

And I love him more than he will ever see,

My brother is my Keeper for all eternity.

Verse 2:

When I choose the right I make him see,

There is some good left in me.

Always there to comfort me,

Tell a joke when I’m in need.

Begging me to do what’s good,

To return to Him like we all should.

All he wants and all he needs,

Is to stand there at the end next to me.


He’s my brother, he’s my friend,

Helps me to endure till the end.

And he’ll catch me if I fall,

Is here to guide me through it all.

And I love him more than he will ever see,

My brother is my Keeper for all eternity.

My brother is my Keeper my missionary;)

By: Katie McKnight

Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Years in Utah

Mike and I where able to go to Utah from Dec 30th to Jan 4th. We had such a great time. I feel so blessed to have the "in laws" that I do. Mike parents are so awesome and are such great examples to all of us. And now I have a bunch of "older" brothers and sisters. I always wanted older brothers and sisters to watch and learn from growing up, and now I have some of the greatest example of women of faith and virtue to look up too. They are such good moms and I hope when I have kids I can be as patient and loving as they are with theirs. Not to mention that not I have niece and nephews, something I won't have from my siblings for a while. It was just a great trip and my eyes were completely opened to how truly blessed I am to be part of two truly wonderful and amazing families. Anyways- We had a blast while we were there. I wish I knew how to do cool collages so you could glance at the pictures quickly without having to scroll a mile down the page (Lindsey will you teach me that sometime?)

On New Years Eve morning we used the church gym to play volleyball, basketball, ride scooters and hang out. I'm not to great at any of these things so I saved my self a lot of embaressing moments just watching contently from the side lines. Knock our was pretty competitive (as in any competition Mike and his brother Jared partake in together.)
This is my proud husband after he beat his brother in THIS particular game.
My cute nephew loves hanging on Uncle Mike
Later that Day we all went to Boondocks together to go bowling. This place was amazing. It was like a glorified version of chucky cheese but fun for adults too. They had bowling, arcade games, lazer tag, play place for kids, go carts and mini-golf. I took advantage of the oppurtunity of having (I think) the whole family there and took some pictures.
The permanns
Mom, Grandma and babies
Mike helping our nephew bowl (but really I neede more help than this kid!)
Hugging said bowling pro.
Us playing Lazer tag, which by the way was sooo much fun. We only had 7 and the other team had 11 and we only lost by 1,000 points. We worked pretty well together. It was such a blast. I literally ran right into a play from the other team and didn't even say "sorry" or ask if he was ok. I just shoke it off and ran like a banche (P.S.-I used this word for Ami Moffit because it makes me think of her and scroge now.)
We also made a killing at arcade games!! Mike got the 300 jackpot on the jump rope!
And I scored the 500 ticket jackpot on this thingy!!!
Then my neice turned around and right after me got the 500 jackpot!!
So fun!!
At midnight I got my first New Years Eve kiss EVER!! I know I know right? Last year we were on a plane and the time zones were a little foggy as we flying cross country.

We had quite the crowd to help us celebrate the new year!!

This is a really funny picture if you look close!
On New Years Day. I watch the OSU game with anticipation. It was a great bowl game. If you remember a while back my post to my good friend Aubri about why my Buckeyes would win against her Ducks... well THEY DID!!!! I was so happy. My dad and I texted throughout the whole game which was so fun. It was good to "Watch it" with someone who shares my shear passion for OSU. Although I did watch it with my brother-in-law who is in dental school at OSU so that was pretty cool.
V-is for VICTORY. Please note my OSU gear. The necklase is made out of Buckeye nuts (buckeye is the name of a tree found all over columbus.) Also you can't see them but my ears have block O's in them for OSU!
Thst night we met our good freinds Bobber/Alissa and cousins T-bone/nicole at In-and-Out burger. I must say the friends were much better than the food... sad day :(

Mike was able to go to a Jazz game with his brothers. He had a great time enjoying the free food and luxury the suite had to offer... but was not pleased with the end score. We had a great sunday attending his old ward, playing games, visiting with family and eating great food. The above is a picture of mikes sister becca and her "freind" aaron. He is like 6'6'' or something like that. We all accidentally wore green sunday.

All in all it was a great trip. Sad to leave. Made us miss being away from family. However, it was nice to come home to little snow on the ground, our own bed, friends and the cats, of course!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Mikes Golden Birthday (26 on the 26th!)

So the day after christmas, Dec 26th, Mike celebrated his 26th birthday (26 on the 26th his golden birthday.) So we had to celebrate the best we could without his other half (twin Melanie.) So we went to one of our favorite places for a great lunch, "Texas Roadhouse."

This is a Jackalope sighted at Roadhouse. This is in honor of the Stokes who introduced us to this magical creature!
Big smiles from the birthday boy!
Loving on my birthday boy.

So as I mentioned Mike had to celebrate his birthday with out his twin sister. So we had to rectify this situation. On Dec 31st while in Utah we had a second birthday party for the twins!

Mike and his twin Mel and he two boys.
With their two separate cakes (Mel's was sooo good!)

Blowing out the candles!! They did it all at once...

Christmas time in Ohio

For Christmas this year we went home Ohio. I wanted it to be a surprise. So I told only my mom to help me work out the logistics of our arrival. We got there at 10:30pm Dec 23rd. We slowly snuck into the house and headed for the living room where we knew they were gathered played scrabble. I walked in and said "HO HO HO." And they just looked at me. Like huh? Then it struck them that we weren't suppose to be there but we were. There where shrieks of joy and hugs all around. My brother Andrew said "maybe Christmas won't be so bad after all (he was sad my brother on a mission would miss christmas.)" My dad said the next morning he woke up at 5 am and couldn't fall back asleep because he was so excited we were home. Christmas eve my grandparents got their and we walked upstairs wrapped as christmas packages and gave them a good surprise! It was soo great to feel so wanted!
Christmas eve we joined in a christmas eve tradition making cookies for Santa.
That night after we went caroling we came home and all received a new pair of christmas eve PJ's! (Mike was glad mine were frog print free!)
As we gathered in the family room in our warm new pj's my dad told the traditional story of the night he saw Santa and what Santa had taught him about christmas and all its symbols. What a great reminder that it is all centered around Christ.
Christmas morning we woke up at 7 am to open gifts. We first took some fun pictures and dad read the Christmas story from Luke 2.
Mike and Andrew are a hoot together.
Jenson jr family
Dad beginning his reading
Mom and dad crying after all the money they spent. lol.
The compete madness that is christmas morning at the McKnights
Andrew all to anxious for it to be his turn to rip into this massive gift with his name on it!
And at 11:30 after about 4 hours of gifts it was over... and the living room... a disaster beyond belief!
While at home I was able to see all of my favorite high school/church friends. As well as spent a ton of time with my family. Monday my mom and two sisters went to go see the "Princess and the Frog" and couldn't resist this photo opt with the 'munks! We went shopping and out to lunch all in the middle of a snow storm. Tues I was able to see my moms parents and 3 of her sisters and their families. It was so fun to see how much my little cousins have grown up.
Wednesday morning I headed to the airport and said goodbye to my sisters and my mom.
My dads parents come to the airport to say goodbye to me as I headed off to Utah. It was a great surprise!

Overall I'd have to say it was a successful trip home for the holidays!

One of the many reasons my husband is AMAZING!!!

I have to give my husband some credit on this one. He often leaves me unexpected notes but this was pretty creative. I came home and saw this when I first walked in the door.
I opened it and it said "5 gold rings (coins) of christmas - each one says something I admire about you. There are 5 to find around the apartment."

So I went about my search and this is what I found. 1 in my drawl in the bathroom... and it said.
'Lets have a Bang-a-rang 2010!"
One in the candle warmer...
One hidden in the clementines...
On tucked in with my favorite pink pumps...
One nestled into the leaf like salt and pepper shakers in the kitchen! He's so good at making my feel special! I love my Mikes!