Tuesday, September 29, 2009

60 seconds of pandemonium.

So on Sunday I was sitting in Sunday school. We were all prepared to be spiritually feed. The prayer had been said, the teacher was concluding his object lesson when I hear the tune to Nelly's "No matter what I do" going off as someone's ring tone. I quickly start looking around to see who had done the unthinkable and not turned off their cell phone. Obviously it was not my phone the ring tone was not mine and I would NEVER leave my phone on during church. As I hear the phone continue to ring I notice there is something familiar about the ring. I think perhaps it is my friend Lindsey's phone, I was sitting by her and maybe thats why it was familiar. I look to my left where she is comfortably seated looking around for he noise just as I. At this point I feel like the whole room is looking over to my corner demanding an answer to the mystery of the ringing phone. It is at this point I conclude the noise is coming from underneath my chair. I look to see only my gargantuan purse beneath my seat. At this point I realize I have the girl I nanny for phone in my bag. I quickly grab the bag and plunge my hands down into its depths frantically searching for the still ringing phone. When I finally maneuver well enough around the lip glosses, receipts, pens and nail file I unearth the phone that is still ringing. I quickly start running my fingers across the keypad looking for every and anyway to silence the phone. The screen flashes "locked" and my attempts are in vain. Then I have a brilliant idea, take out the battery. I whip the phone over, ferociously slide the back-panel off the phone and rip out the heart of the finally silenced phone. It was over. I had won. Or had I? The phone did go off for about 60 seconds. I slumped down into my seat with a bashful grin as I watched the burning eyes of the crowd slowly remove themselves from me. I then concluded 1) to get a small purse and 2) no more phones at church for me.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What a weekend

Two weekends ago Mike and I decided to go DC. Its moments like this that we truly love our central New England location that allows us to take weekend trips all over the east coast. We left after work on Friday so that we would have all day Saturday to enjoy a small portion of what DC has to offer.

We started our day with a tour of the capitol building. We didn't get to see the rooms that the House and Senate occupy because it was the weekend but the tour was still pretty interesting.
This is the mural on the top of the arch of the capitol building.
Each state sent in two statues to be displayed in the capitol building. It is no surprise that Brother Brigham was one of Utah's.
After we went on the tour we went to the library of Congress, but we didn't get to see anything too cool in there.
While we were there. We were able to participate in the Conservative tea party. It was actually really cool. The energy was amazing and it was nice to be around people who share my disapproval with the government and don't worship our President like he is the messiah.
There are mixed reports on how many people where here but I think 1.5 million is accurate.
Read everything on this movie poster. Its funny.

After we made our way out of the sea of people we walked down the national mall to the Washington Monument.
Then we walked down to the White House to meet our mutual friend Nina for lunch. She just started an internship and graduate school in DC so it was fun to have her catch us up on her crazy new life.
After lunch we checked out the Smithsonian's.
My favorite is the Museum of American History.
Then we walked down to the national archives to see historical documents like the magna carta, Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights, and even court documents like Mayberry vs. Madison and Roe vs. Wade.
While waiting in line to view the documents Mike thought to tell me that his 5th Great-Grandpa signed the Constitution. I couldn't get the picture the right way so if you look at it sideways he is the last person in the New Jersey group, Jonathan Dayton. Petty cool. Since Mikes middle name is Dayton we'd already decided to name our first boy Dayton, so know its even cooler.
After all that we met up with one of my best friends from College, Sarah, who is living in DC. We went with her to the WWII memorial. My grandpa fought in this war.

The Wash. Monument's reflection in the Vietnam Wall.
Honest Abe!
Korean War memorial.
We headed up to Georgetown for dinner and some shopping that night. Very cute and classy.
Our friends Ryan and Brooke Naylor were kind enough to give us their spare bedroom while we were there. It was good to see them and catch up.
Sunday morning we were feeling ambitious and decided to break up our 4 hour trip home with a stop in Philadelphia.
We naturally had a Philly Cheese Stake for lunch. I was not personally a fan. I didn't like all the meat and cheese I felt like I gained 5 lb. by just eating it.
After lunch we went to see the Liberty Bell. I loved it! I learned so much about the freedom Bell!
A statue exhibiting the excitement that went along with the signing of the Deceleration of Independence.
Independence Hall
The room where the Constitution and DoI was signed. The freedom of our country was drafter here! Sooo cool.

We were home by 5pm. It was a great weekend we feel so lucky to be able to go to see all these cool places.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Here Kitty Kitty!

So we wanted Epps to have a playmate. So we decided to get a new kitten... ON A TRAIL basis. Mike had a little hesitation about having two cats and I was nervous about how Epps would handle it. When we first brought the new kitty in the room Epps freaked out. She stared hissing and growling and was a completely different cat. Now that we've have Rosalie for about 2 weeks i THINK things are going better. If any of you have integrated a new cat with an old I need some advise on what to do to make them buddies! lol.

Mike cuddling up with kitty

Sister Lovin
Forced bedtime cuddle
Now the willingly sit on the same couch.
Pretty kitty.

Kitty in a bag... my favorite type!

US Tennis Open

Mike been the cause of many of my new interests, watching the stock market, mad money and tennis. I've picked up a racket two times in my life but apparently I'm improving. I'm also able to watch a match, know what is going on AND enjoy it! So when we were presented with the opportunity to attend the US Open we were more than excited. It has been a dream of Mikes for a while seeing as he is the tennis lover/player that he is. We had a fantastic evening with great company.

The globe is pretty but if you look in behind it and notice the 2 spaceships... those are the ones used in Men in Black!
First match was a women in which Venus Williams played and won.

If you look closely find the flowers in the corner of the photo. Then go 3 rows up and one seat in. In the green shirt with the creme cardigan is WILL FERELL! I was sooo excited. When all was quite watching an intense rally you would hear random calls like "DO IT FOR WILL FARELL" or "WILL FARELL I SEE YOU!"
The second match was a decent one played by Nadal (#3) and Keifer. Nadal won!
He's like a big kid in a candy store.

Next I want to go to the French Open! lol!