Thursday, March 19, 2009

Head Lice and Kitty Cats

Things I don't like-

Head lice. So... this week has been quite a long one, and I am jumping up and down with the prospect of the weekend coming tomorrow. The girls I nanny for got lice this week... Let me be clear about one thing, I don't like any type of bug. As a child I was some what of a tom-boy and could handle anything. However, as I've gotten older and more "girly" I really, really hate them and I don't want to have anything to do with them. So for these girls to have live bugs in their hair, and knowing that I could even have them in my hair. NO GOOD. I had dreams all night about bugs crawling in my hair.. soo gross. So I went to work on wed with hair high and tight with a bunch of preventive spray on it. Later that day after doing 4 loads of laundry I'd already done one that week, I was able to sneak away. My wonderful friend Aubri who is a cosmetologist came over and combed through my hair to see if I had them... I didn't THANK GOODNESS! So right away we went to a store to get a tone of Paul Mitchell stuff for my hair. We got the Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner, since it is suppose to repel lice? Anyways she went the second mile and did a bunch of stuff to my hair to make it healthier. Here are a few pictures.

This is the cats "I'm so ticked mom is on my counter" look. She's so angry.
Double chin in all, looking pretty in he sink.
Loving the kitty, while letting the conditioner do its thing.
All the hair supplies.

So I went to work today with my hair in a bun, with a hat on it, plus a MASSIVE amount of repelling spray. But thats about all I have to say about head lice. And again a big thanks to Aubri!

Things I do Like:

My kitty cat. So normal people have children and post cut pictures of them. We have a cat, and I really think she's so fun. She's getting older and her personality is become more and more apparent. She is always up for a game of fetch or a walk outside. She's just so much fun, and until we have children shes perfect for our family!

Looking at the camera!
Curled in a ball, I think its precious!
Playing in the streamers after I took them down.
More streamer fun!
The kitty on our picnic at the playground.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Surprise Birthday Cynda!

So this past week I've been putting together plans to through a surprise party for my friend Cynda. It was sooo much fun. First I have to just say that I love get together. I love the fact that almost very Sunday we have people over. I love to entertain and socialize. I love building friendships and making memories! BUT I really love throwing parties. When I was in college I loved hosting or putting together annual Christmas Dinners and Halloween parties. Its always so much fun to get a theme and run with it. I always end up doing (and spending) way more than I intended but really I think its the absolute greatest! So Cynda's party was a High School Musical one. LOL. I know a HMS party for a 22 year old. But I know Cynda likes HMS and I knew that all the girls really liked it to so, thats that! So yesterday Aubri came over and she mad the cutest cupcakes. Thy had Wildcat paw prints, stars, ect. Also, Mike blew up all 50 some ballons... hes such a trooper. Anyways I think she liked it! Here are some pictures of the party.
This is Cynda's Special HMC cupcake.

Aubri and I hard at work in the Kitchen
The food table... please note the HMS table cloth.
Streamers/balloons and Epps chasing one of the balloons
The HMS Happy Birthday Banner!

I think she was surprised!!! It was kinda funny though because we were scared she was going to see the Moffits who were running late. It was a close call. I went down to let the Moffit's in and I saw the Johnson's (Cynda and Ben) walking right up to me. Mike comes running down to tell me the Johnson's are there. So we have them go to a different door. Meanwhile the Moffit's are hiding behind a bush, they make a break for it and run to were I am. It all worked out but it was an intense few seconds! Here is her reaction to all the fun!

Here she is blowing out her candle!

In the end I think everyone had fun!

Before the Big Surprise.
They Guys
Lizzy, Melinda and Jackson playing!
Epps was having a lot of fun getting a hold of things she shouldn't have!

Anyways so thats about it. I SHOULD note though that we once again got sucked into Acquire! We played 4 games and stayed up till 3:00 am. We we all so tired but man I really think that game is fun!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Last Weekend!

So I've been meaning to write about last weekend before it even happened! I knew it was going to be a blast. We have been very blessed with a lot of younger fun couples in our ward that we are great friends with. We get together often and have so much fun. It makes the world of difference to be far away from family and have a great social network of friends. So we got a few couple together and they guys all went to one apartment for the night and the girls went to the other. SO FUN. The girls has pizza and talked about EVERYTHING under the sun. Meanwhile the boys sat around and played games till 7:00 AM!! They got very little sleep, because at 11:30 we headed into NYC (I can't say enough how much I love being just a 40 min train ride away from my favorite place in the USA!.) While we were there we mastered the subway system and went to the Museum of Natural History (Which was were the movie "Night at the Museum" (with Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, Owen Wilson and many others) takes place. We saw some of the COOLEST stuff. My favorite though was the statue from the movie. The one that always says "You Dum, Dum. You give me gum, gum. LOL. Love it! After the museum we soaked up the beauty of the day in Central Park. After that we just walked down the street to find somewhere to eat. We found a place called "THe City Grill." We waited a while but the food was GREAT! After dinner we took the sub back to Grand Central. We all went to the food court down there and got Jr. Cheesecake. SOOO GOOD. We all got different kinds. Once we were safely on the train home we passed the cakes around so we could all taste the different variety. It was so fun. Then Mike and I dosed off.... and the post below will demonstrate what happened!! YIKES!! Anyways here are some picture from last weekend!! ALSO SORRY these are all out of order but I'm still new to this blogging thing!

The Stokes Family!
Mike and I. We were soo tired at this point.
Ben and Cynda
Ami and Matt Moffit
Mike and I with "Dum, Dum. Gum, Gum.
Mike and I, All smiles.
"Here no evil, see no evil, speak no evil."
So cute! Making faces at the Baby.


All of us in front of the museum.
Good Husband award! So sweet to carry my bag!
All of us (Ami, Cynda, Me, Aubri, Linz and Karrigan.
Ami, Cynda and I!
Aubri and I.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

We got PUNKED!

So just really quick- before I forget all the details, I want to share a quick story. After a long night of games with the boys, and gossip with the girls Mike was running on 2 1/2 hours of sleep and I was running on about 5. We had just spent a long day in the city walking around with all our friends. There were 9 of us total (Johnson's, Stokes and Moffits) and we of course were all taking the train home together. When we got on this thing was packed so the Moffits and Stokes sat in front of us and the Johnson's sat in the two seats across the aisle from us. Well Mike and I were both so tired we feel asleep... I figured they would wake us up when it was time for us to get off. NO, NO, NO. All of a sudden we hear the conductor going, "Hey guys, when are you getting off?" we both jump up and are in a really confused daze as we look around and see 3 people on the train and none happened to be our friends. We replied that Stamford was our stop. With worry and concern he goes "Stamford, that was a few stops ago." US: "What the heck, where are our friends", Conductor: "Wait, you said these guys were your friends." Kristin: "They were really good friends." Conductor: "What the Hell!" US: Where are we? Conductor: "Darien" US: Dang it I guess we'll get off here." Then we hear a roaring burst of laughter behind us.... It was our friends. They set us up! lol. They had the conductor wake us up like 3 stops before stamford, meanwhile they all went and hid in the seats behind us. LOL..... I don't know if it was a "Had to be their moments" but we got a HUGE kick out of it, as well as did our friends! Anyways Thats all. I'll have picture of our weekend trip up soon. Maybe even a link to the a YouTube video of us getting punked (I forgot to mention jared taped all of it...)

Monday, March 2, 2009

My Snow Day

So--- This is my second, no third attempt at a blog for Mike and I. I had to seek out the help of a professional. My friend Aubri took the time to teach me the basics of this new blog world. We'll see if I remember all of it when I leave. So for this post I'm working on labels... so this will be slightly random in light of making some labels....

So today I had my first snow day in 4 years. I went 3 years living in the iceburg known as Rexburg. I trudged through the a a few feet of snow in -15 degree weather. And yet I still had to go to class in the blizzards. However, on this magical day. I got a text from my employer at 6:30 telling me not to come in, to take a snow day. I was so excited I couldn't go back to sleep!! So I had this snow day, which means there was obviously a lot of snow. Mike took my car that was in the garage so he didn't have to unearth his from the then 6 inches of collected now. Well when I decided I wanted to go play with Aubri and needed to drive his car... I had to do it. So just imagine me, a woman who hates the snow with everything in her, trying to get a car out of (by this time) 10 inches of snow. It was terrible. I was covered in snow... which became watery wetness. My boots were waterlogged and not fun to be in. This is because once I uncovered the car, I had to start kicking all of the snow that was blocking the car from getting out of its spot! Mike better love me for that! Now he wouldn't have to do that!

I had fun with Epps this morning. I took her out on the deck and let her play in the snow. She was soo funny, and soo cautious. She would swat at it, take a step, like it. Sit down look around and then dart back in to the house. Shes cute. I like her.

I also would just like to let everyone know that I leave for Disney in 18 weeks and 6 days. That makes me very happy!

Ok I think that was enough randomness to create some labels. :)