Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm THANKFUL for my health...

There has been a lot of talk about the H1N1 flu this year. Flurries of e-mails regarding free clinics distributing the vaccine to this particular flu strain. Then there is a debate on whether or not this is a safe vaccine yada yada yada. As I listen to the different thoughts surrounding this topic it has caused me to reflect on my own health. I have been so blessed over the past 10 years at lease to really never be too sick. I mean once or twice I didn't feel well and missed a day of school/classes. But I never was really sick. Last year I spent a total of a little over a month taking care of sick kids (the ones I nanny.) I was fortunate enough never to become ill from tending to them. Mike even got sick and I stayed healthy. It has been a huge blessing for me to remain health. It has allowed me to study, work and take care of the things that I need to get done. Not to mention skipping the whole feeling like death thing. So today that is what I am Thankful for, my continual health. May it continue over the up and coming flu season.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm THANKFUL for modern technology...

So with Thanksgiving fast approaching I would like to mention something I am grateful for. Today for the first time I discovered the gmail video chat. I was able to see and talk with my mom, dad, brother and 2 sisters that are home in Ohio. Now I know many are way advanced and have been doing this for a while but this was my first time. I was so amazed that I could see them, see the paintings on the wall, the piano and the other random pieces of furniture in our "schizophrenic" room (we call it this because its a piano room in one corner, living room in another corner and computer room in the remaining 2 corners. Its all over the place and not sure what it is.) I had fun talking with them and actually being able to watch their facial expressions. Then I thought back to a time when phone calls were just this monumental. Actually being able to hear their voice when once only able to read what was written in a letter. We have made some amazing discoveries in technology and though I can't imagine any developments better than this I know their will be. So it was a lot of fun and although it made me a little homesick I was so thankful for this new form of interaction. Tomorrow night we are having FHE together!! Crazy huh?!?! I love it!!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


HAULT!! A HORRIBLE INJUSTICE HAS BEEN MADE! In my haste and half awake state of mind when I posted my extremely long blog today I made a mistake of disastrous proportions. I failed to recognize the presence of a true American classic at the Halloween party. Since I did not get a solo picture of the smashing couple I forgot to mention them. Our fantastic friends Lindsey and Jared came to the party as Sarah Palin and Joe sixpack.... with a baby Wagamont in tote. In this picture you can see Sarah in the stunning black and white tweed blazer and Jared in a festive yet classy rock guitar print black button up holding 1/2 naked child ;)

Thought corner for this day's post by Mike: The Stokeys have meant many things to me in my life. They have given me hope and inspiration during the rocky waters of life. I have found myself stranded on the waves of uncertainty at various points in my existence with nothing but a paddle and a widdled down watercraft. The Stokers have extended me floaties and a life preserver to keep me from sinking into the abyss. Lindsinator, Stokey, and K-dawg your portrait will forever grace the wall above the TV.

I too would like to express my deepest love and gratitude for this truly dynamic trio. I can only say it as good as Chicago when they said "You're the meaning in my life, your my inspiration. You bring feeling to my life..." Linz had been a true inspiration to me. She has giving me a new hope for my botchi skills as I watch her dominate the men, she is a most dedicated cat sitter as she even cleaned up cat poo. Not to mention the time she immolated the Savior by feeding me while my husband was out of town. Stokey is just as wonderful for as I said in the kitchen on accident 3 months ago he is my "sweetheart." His kind words and gentile demeanor when we play acquire is something to be noted. Thats not even counting the peaceful dreams I have of him the night after we play acquire. I also love how his takes my husband off my hands for me multiple beautiful summer saturday mornings as they go play golf for 5 hours ;) We can't forget sweet baby carrot who lights up a room. From her booty dance to "Don't stop believing" to her mischievous smile as she learns new tricks she is a cutie!

For reals they are a great couple who we feel truly blessed to be friends with.

Only October.. and then some..

So I'm just going to first say that this whole post is backwards. I forgot that you have to put the picture you want on first last and the last picture you want first. I'm to tired to start over so this is just how it is going to be. That what happens when you blog when you should be taking a nap.

So October wizzed by and now we are only 2 weeks and 2 days away from Thanksgiving. We had a busy end of september and October.

-My mom and Sisters came to visit for a few days at the end of september while Mike was out of town at an investors conference in Utah.

-The first week of October we went to Utah for Mike's great friend Dave. We had a blast and were sad to go home. We has something to do every hour of the day.

-I enjoyed multiple baking experiments

-Carved pumpkins

-Celebrated HALLOWEEN!

We went to a FANTASTIC Halloween party at our good friends Josh and Colleens house.
Lucy and Ricky Ricardo (I love Lucy)
Sandy and Danny (from Grease)
Happy Reindeer a few weeks early.
Pimp and pimpette
Shot gum wedding Hillbilly style.
Getting crazy in the dance floor.
Fingers made of cheese sticks/green peppers/cream cheese.
Witches fingers in the veggie dip.
Frankenstine, Ghost, Spider brownies.
Frank, Spidy and Casper.
Minnie Mouse pumpkin
Our pumpkins!!
Spooky face and Skull and cross bones

Happy carving
Into the task at hand.
The corn maze we went to had donkeys
Pumpkin patch.
Victory at last!
Trying to cut corners.
Really lost...
My fantastic fall cookies!
Mike and Bobbers (Dave)
Boo-Bear and Bobbers.
Fun Friends
Mike and I in front of the Salt Lake City Temple.
Cousin Brett/Nicole, US, Kip and Crystal.
Its all ball and chain from hear on out.
The Best buddies from High school and respective wives (children.)
My Wonderful Mother-in-law
Girls day out at Gardner Village with sisters/nieces
My first BYU game ever!!
Rise and Shout!
Saturday Morning session of conference!
Adorable Nephew!
Cutie pie Nieces.
BEAUTIFULLY pregnant cousin Allie
The happy couple!
Gorgeous Sisters.
KT and lizzy
This is what Liz did the whole time. Make my apartment kitty heaven.
Loving on Rosalie
Sisterly love and Elizabeths 9th Birthday!