Wednesday, July 29, 2009

4 things

So a few things here today.

#1 The cat has been quite funny lately. She has been enjoying the frequent visits by random flys. Once she sees them, she immediately welcomes them into the home. After that, she follows them (or chases) all around the house trying to get them to respond to her. When that doesn't work, she decided to "talk" them to death. She "meows" and "bats" at them until thy meet their final resting place... in her belly... here is a small sample of what one of these said altercations look like.

#2 I went to babysit 2 saturday nights ago and the girls had found 2 baby birds. Well long story short, one bird died and the other was close to it. These poor girls lost it. They were crying and crying and it was so miserable. I really have never seen anyone so upset over these baby birds. But the sad thing was I didn't know what to say to them. The only thing I could think of was church stuff like, "lets say a prayer to make us feel better." or "you now maybe one day we'll get to see them again..." I dunno stuff like that, he things my parents told me when my small pets died. But they don't have any of that so I could share it with them. Just made me again grateful for the gospel.

#3 So I went home this weekend for my best friends, Sara's) wedding. Less than 24 hours before the wedding it was called off. After me and my other bff (the maid of honor, michelle) went and talked to her and shed a few tears with her, we knew she was doing the right thing. The whole point of this post is not "to feel sorry" for her (although I do,) BUT rather to admire her for her strength. She was soo amazing! She did one of the hardest things ever, and she was so calm, so confident and so strong. Watching her handle this situation made me respect and love her even more. I hope the next trial the Lord sends me I can handle half as well as she handled her. She is just amazing!

My 2 best friends since 8th grade (Michelle, Me and Sara)

#4 So this is the BIG weekend. The one I have been waiting for since FEB!! In just 4 short days we will board a plane bound for Orlando Fl. From there we will be taken, by way of the Magical Express, the the most magical place on earth, WALT DISNEY WORLD RESORT!!! AHHHHH. I'm sooooo excited. Its all I can think of. I've slowly ben packing a little at a time alll week. Tomorrow I will pack our back, Friday I will clean the house and Saturday, if I'm good ;) Mike will take me to NYC and we will Hopefully get tickets (from the TKTS booth) to Little Mermaid (since it closes Aug 30.) To get us ready for the trip. Then we will help clean the temple (to make up for missing the next 2 sundays that we will miss.. j/k, j/k! The at 4 am we will leave for the LGA!! I may not last that long though. Time seems to have stopped and is moving slower than ever. I even dream about it!! Oh well!! It'll be here soon!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Catch up!

So you maybe wondering what happened to us. Thinking maybe we didn't quite survive the month of the in-laws. Well it was a close one but we pulled through! We've actually been having a really great summer. We did not enjoy the 24 days of straight rain in June, but things are much nicer. So I'll try to update without a lot making my avid reader sleepy!

The 3rd week of June Mikes parents came to visit. It was so much fun having them in our home and being able to get to know them better. I mean we got married and moved out here so neither one of us has spent a massive amount of time with the others family. While they were visiting, Mike and his father enjoyed an earl fathers day outing to the US golf open. They went on a beautiful day and had an amazing time. While they were out, Joleen and I had some bonding time helping with H's (The 9 year old I nanny for) birthday party! Then next day we went to th Manhatten temple together, then out to dinner, then we went to see South Pacific (6th row.... it was fantastic!!)
Me in 1st position @ the home of the American Ballet!
Mike and I at Dinner.
Mikes Parents (Joleen and Sterling)
Mom, Mike and I in front of the Theater we saw South Pacific in

We had so much fun with our wonderful parents and were both a little bummed to see them go. Good news is we will see them in a few months for Christmas. Yay for fantastic Parents!

The next big event in our Home was my 22nd Birthday. The night before Cynda an Lindsey through a suprise party for me. "Back to the 80's the theme. Since I didn't know we were going to a party I don't have pictures, which is a shame. However, once they surface I will post them, it was sooo fun and so thoughtful. It was like the 4th part I'd ever had! kinda fun! On my birthday I went and bought myself a new birthday shirt. Mike got me a princess balloon and took me to Dinner at Texas Roadhouse (my fav) but it was 45 min away so it was a fun drive. When we got back to town he took me to best buy and bought me a camcorder! Its a sony handycam, 8 G internal flash memory, touchscreen. It is sooo cool. I'm in love and just what I wanted for our up coming vacation to DISNEY!

My birthday goodies!
Epps loving the string (the next time I cleaned our her litter box i could se the purple and pink string in her stoles. YUCK!)

Now I have to say my cake was fantastic but we recorded it with the birthday gift and i haven't quite figured that all out yet. It was also my grandparent 50th wedding anniversary. They had a huge party for them in Columbus, oh. I was really sad I missed it.

The next week was the 4th of July! Mike and I had a great day. We went to the pool with the Stokes. The Buffalo Wild Wings (sooo good). After that we went with the Towbin's to the New Canaan Family Fourth. It was so nice of them to let us ride in with them (since parking was $25.) It was even nicer that they let us 'hangout' with them and their friends. It was nice to be with a family. I think it made me miss my family a little less. The fireworks were fantastic and we has a ton of fun!
Mike and K in the pool!! So cute.
My girls K and H!
Glow stick Necklace!

Finally I will conclude with out adventure last night! Mike and I went to the Midnight premier of Harry Potter and the half-blood Prince, with our good friends the Johnson's & Rodregezes. (Sorry I didn't spell it right.) It was so much fun talking and eating theater food before the show started. Once it started I was so completely engrossed. In the end I was a little disappointed at just the ending. I wanted a little battle between a few DA members and the Death-eaters. But it was still pretty cool. Mike went to bed at 7:00 tonight. Sick! It was worth it thought!!
Mike and Ben loving the treats!
Cynda, Lisa and Moroni
Lisa, Cynda and I (Please ignore the lack of make-up, i was ready for bed.)
Mike and I enjoying our Icee's
Haha-- Deer in the headights! lol!

So thats about it. This weekend I have to work, but next weekend is Sara's Wedding (One of my Best Friends since 8th grade) I can't wait. Then the week after that we are off to DISNEY!!! WAHOOO!!!!