Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter... FOR REAL!!

This is totally for real. So I found out today that Universal Studios in Orlando is making a theme park based on the Harry Potter series... It opens in 2010. I'm kinda in shock and really really excited. I got some information on it. Apparently its been in the works since 2007. How come no one told me. If you are as excited as I am just google "Harry Potter universal attraction" and the first link will be it I think. Here are some pictures I downloaded. I seriously can't wait to go!!!

The overview of the park!
The entrance to the park which is Hogsmead.
(very disney like, but way cool)

And the second big castle in Orlando... Hogwarts.

This blows my mind!! I can't wait!!

I also hope you all voted for Kris tonight. I will take on the role of a middle school girl and cry along with my sisters if he looses!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The "In-Laws"

So its official. We will be having visitors this june!! Both of our parents are coming in June, which means... both of our in-law are coming. I know this can be a dreaded thing. Especially knowing they will be staying with you in your over priced 1 bed/1 bath 800 sq ft apartment. However, both of us are fairly optimistic that the visits will go over smoothly. This does not mean that we will sit around idly waiting for them to get here. Oh no. In the next three weeks we will be...

1) Washing down the walls
2) Cleaning the carpet
3) Scrubbing the spots of hard to get mildew from the shower tiles
4) Scrubbing the bathroom/kitchen floors so you can see your reflection
5) De-Eppsing the couch/blankets/comforter (this would mean making certain that not a hair from that pretty kitty's body is noticeable on any of said items. With a black and white cat you really can't win, some of her hair shows up on everything)
6) Bleaching the counters/sinks
7) Organizing the pantry
8) Stocking the fridge with "healthy" food (as make them believe we live on broccoli and carrots vs. ice cream and chicken bakes)

this is just to name a few...

My Parents Tim and Karen McKnight

Mike's Parents Sterling and Joleen Jenson

"The In-Laws"

Anyways we are actually really excited to have them come. June is going to be crazy busy. The first weekend of June my parents come. The second weekend I have to work the whole weekend. The third weekend Mikes parents come. The last weekend is my birthday and a special birthday surprise, planed by Mike.

*** I'd also like to note that finale week made me cry 4 times (When Danny Gokey got sent home on American Idol, When Juliet let go of Sawyers hand on LOST, When they showed everyone going to Michael Scofield's grave on Prison Break, and When Charlie proposed to Amita after rescuing her from the insane man on Num3ers.) This proved that I watch way to much TV and get way to into it! lol

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

24 and decision making

So Mike and I did something irrational. Knowing our addiction to dramatic, nail bitting, action packed, intense television shows... we began watching 24 this past weekend. The weather is BEAUTIFUL outside and all I can think about right now is running home, throwing on my favorite pair of sweats and burrowing into the couch for the evening. Meanwhile our plans for Memorial Day weekend become more and more unclear (story of our life, just flying by the seat of our pants.) We wanted to go to D.C. but forgot how crowded it would be not to mention the extra time it might take to drive. But we still want to get out of town. I really want to go home that weekend. I could get my hair done at a manageable price as well as see my family. My sis could use the pick me up. However, that is without question a 7 1/2-8 hour drive... I really wish we lived closer to myrtle beach... for some reason I'm really craving a long walk down a crowded beach with hotels touching each other. In the end it really just comes down to me getting a small vacation, heaven knows I need one...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Beach Trips and Catch-Up!

As you will all notice there has been quite an issue with the frequency of my postings. This has been impart due to my lack of photos. I mentioned I lost my camera battery charger and therefore could not access my photos or take any pictures. However, while cleaning my room I FOUND IT!! So here are all of my pictures with accompanying explanations and comments.

DAY(s) at the Beach.

2 weekends ago it was BEAUTIFUL. Like 90 degrees so we all went out to Todd's point in Greenwich (about 10 min away.) Saturday we had a BBQ and Sunday we had a nice, relaxing, Sabbath oriented picnic. We also enjoyed frolicking in the water and pretending we were all extras in High School Musical.

BBQ Time
Fun Times
The Men playing Botchy ball.
Lindsey & Baby K, Cynda, me, Tina & Kate
Same group - Cynda + Ami
I love the Ocean
I love Kissing Pictures
Please note Mikes "Good Game butt tap"
What a jump Ami!
Ben and Cynda HSM style
The whole stokes family (plus cynda)
We were tired... so we took our Sunday naps together holding hands....

NEXT... We went down to the Manhattan Temple with our friends the Johnson's. We drove down and got punked three times while looking for a parking spot we could actually park at on the street of NYC. After the session we went to central park and had our 1st picnic of the season! YAY!!
Driving in Manhattan... classic taxi shot.
The fearless Ben our driver.
Me in front of the Manhattan temple.
Its soooo crazy that it is a temple, and so peaceful inside with all the craziness of the world outside.
Mike and I after the session.
The Johnson
Yay for Picnics!
I love him!
Teaching us the game of Botchy.
Mike really gets into it!
Good throw
Bad throw... lol
"What am I suppose to do with this?"

Cynda is playing Peek-A-Boo!

NEXT: One Friday I came home and found these beautiful flowers on my bed with a nice letter from Mike. It pretty much made my day!! I think he's the best! But I am partial.

Kitty sniffing flowers!
Kitty knocking over flowers.

THEN the last weekend of March Mikes Aunt Debbie and Cousin Andrea came to visit us. They were visiting friends in Long Island for the weekend so they stopped by to see us!
Debbie, Mike and I.
The Jenson Family

The meal I made for our guests! It was wonderful!

Mike feeding the kitty, kinda like a baby bird.
He loves her...

So.... Thats all. I also want to note that my favorite Idol contestants I mentioned below have made it to the top three... I know wants Kris to win... but I'm sure it will be Adam.. maybe Danny. I'll still but Kris's CD!