Friday, October 2, 2009

For Sale?!?!?! I think not!

While at the wedding of our good friends Dave and Alissa we were made aware of a corupt plan to sell our kittys. A good portion of Mikes friends enjoy giving him "crap" for having two cats. This has been the root of many jokes and even second thoughts on Mikes part. So anyways we find out that Dave a week before his wedding, when he had plenty of OTHER things to worry about, put our cats up for sell on KSL. I was appauld to hear of this misdead and even more distraught when I saw the AD!!! This is what it said.

Epps and Rosalie
centerville, UT 84014 - Sep 24, 2009

We have 2 adorable cats but cannot keep them because of my husband's inability to adapt to his new companions. I have found him calling them "cat" or "hey kitty" which I realize can lead to long-term psychological damage. I realized I couldn't put the cats in that type of abusive environment. I only wish I could post my husband on KSL ;)The older cat is named Epps. Epps likes to jump and take walks with his pink sequined leash.Rosalie is the little multicolor wonder. She has special feline abilities. Rosalie can predict when the pop-tarts will pop out with a very distinct meow right before they pop. She also can predict the outcome of game shows and reality T.V. I knew Chris was going to win A.I weeks in advance!As you can tell these are very special kittens.

They have had 208 view in less than a week and several e-mail. Probably becasue they are selling for $15... they are worth so much more than that. lol. Anyways the ad came with 4 seperate pictures he stool off of my facebook.

click here to check out the actual ad!!

(and no we will NOT be seeling these cats to anyone. lol)